Social media fills vacuum left by China’s ‘hollowed out’ press

IN VIDEOS SHOT EARLIER THIS MONTH, Chinese human rights lawyer Xie Yang stands before the court, looking thinner than before his two-year detainment, but otherwise healthy. It’s the last leg of his trial, and now, along with his guilty plea, Xie must make several statements, starting with a denial of foreign news reports—decried as “fake news” by China’s state media—that READ MORE

On red Staten Island, progressive groups draw liberals out of the closet

By 6:30 p.m. on a recent Thursday, the Central Family Life Center, a community center in Staten Island’s North Shore, was almost full. Energy crackled throughout the crowd of roughly 100 who’d gathered to discuss the local implications if Congress follows through on President Trump’s promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act. One person, however, was conspicuously absent: Republican representative READ MORE

Mosh no more

CRACKDOWNS in China often unfold without explanation, carried out by officials acting on directives that never see the light of day. A veteran journalist, Gao Yu, was jailed last month for seven years for revealing the existence of a campaign against the discussion of Western political ideas. The Communist Party document that ordered it was a state secret, the court READ MORE

Inside Carsick Cars newest album

The place where Carsick Cars practise feels more like a bunker than a rehearsal space. Located in the basement of a parking garage near Deshengmen, the space is hidden in a maze of underground tunnels that are lit with a sickly yellow light and smell of piss. Walking down the ramp, we descend into the passageways and promptly get lost. READ MORE